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  1. My first tractor

    First-time tractor owner
  2. Implements & Attachments
    Howdy all, long time reader but new member here. I tried the search function and couldn't find what I was after so I thought I'd join up and start a discussion. I just ordered a 260B for my MY17 1025R, local rental shop wants almost 550$ for a 2000lb small mini ex 1 day(8 op hr) rental so I...
  3. Implements & Attachments
    Last night I was doing my first greasing of the 260b, every time I thought I had all the fittings is seems there was another one I missed. The manual just says grease all fittings, but does anyone have a list or at least a count of all the fittings? I counted 17 on the backhoe alone
  4. Implements & Attachments
    Greetings: I just purchased a 1025r with a 260B backhoe attachment. The float function on the boom bypasses all the oil in the open center valve block rendering it useless. It is impossible to to move the stick or curl the bucket. Surely this cant be the design of the valve block. The 120r...
  5. Implements & Attachments
    I purchased a 2025r tractor backhoe and my dealer has had trouble getting a 260B for my 2025r he tells me he contacted John Deere and the backhoes short of some mounting brackets are the same for the 1025 and 2025 is that true? It would change my delivery date by a month and I really would like...
  6. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hello Everyone! Somehow I managed to get this purchase approved by the finance department and will soon be a proud owner of a new 1025R tractor. Delivery is expected after November 1st, which is killing me. I'm including my price paid on everything as a data point for all the forum lurkers out...
1-6 of 6 Results