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  1. Implements & Attachments
    Had a huge maple tree fall on my beloved 3520. At first it seemed like we dodged a bullet, but after freeing the tractor, it became apparent that the transmission housing cracked and they are telling me at the dealer that it is totaled. Turns out I had a limit on equipment replacement in my...
  2. Hydraulics
    I have a 3320 w/300CX and skid steer plate up front and I've always noticed that the bucket was a little crooked. I lived with it but now I need to use pallet forks on it and I can't have the mismatch of piston speed. I'm not sure what causes this. Dropping the bucket down, the left piston is...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Looking forward to participating in the forum. I'm really impressed by how helpful and generous folks are on the forum. Always raised around machines, I think that what normal people do, like maintaining their drives and cutting firewood, just part of life. Not a professional operator but...
1-3 of 4 Results