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  1. Implements & Attachments
    Hi all, I'm new here so I'm sorry if this has been brought up before but I didn't see it on here. I'm looking for a grapple for a 3025D and was considering the AV20F. However on JDs website it states that it's only compatible with the 3E series tractors. I was under the impression that the 3R...
  2. Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    Has anyone ever figured out the PTO situation on the 3D tractors. I’ve heard everything from a live PTO to a two stage clutch to a PTO setup like an old 8n ford. I really like the 3D tractors but if the PTO is gonna shut off every time I want to switch into reverse when mowing it kinda feels...
  3. Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    I've been working this summer in shallow ground clearing some vegetation. That is to say I have a little bit of dirt on top of sandstone that varies from 0 to a few inches. I have also used my box for purposes potentially outside the design envelope:sneaky:. I have shattered and replaced a...
  4. Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    Hi Guys, After my 3025D intro video I had a request for more details on how reverse works on the 3025. Here is a link to a short overview of reversing the 3025D. Apologies in advance for the wind noise part way through, the cove came off my mic. My videos are not monetized and do not...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, just got my first tractor. Some more about me and my tractor cam be seen here. Thanks for having me! Tom
1-5 of 5 Results