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    I just bought a curtis cab for my John Deere 425 but it didn't come with any mounts and they don't make them any more. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of there's so I could get some ideas how to make them
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    I have a 425 that is loud even with ear protection on it. The local JD repair shop said it is an exhaust manifold that needs replaced and wants $1500 (parts and labor) to fix this. 1) where are instructions on how to replace this part 2) where can I get a used or aftermarket part I have...
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    OK the story goes like this. I am the new guy. I have been coming here to read for years and this is my first post. I was able to find, and buy an early model 425 with 556 hrs. It has a 54" tricycler deck and a 54" blade on a 4way front hitch. When we (dad) and I went to look at it. The guy...
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    I have a '98 JD 425 that had the PLASTIC cam gear go out on it last fall. Over the winter I replaced the Cam gear with a new steel gear. I also replaced the rest of the plastic gears inside the engine with new ones (oil pump water pump and governer gears). I reassemble engine and put...
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    Please help! I have a john Deere 425. It was running fine the night before the next day it won't start. It is very cold where we are so I thought that was the problem. It was turning over and sounded like it was going to start but nothing. I sprayed some starting fluid in the carburetor and it...
  6. Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a rear PTO Kit for a 2001 455. NOS or used good condition. Reasonable price.
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    Well cared for 425 AWS GT in excellent condition. Completely refreshed for next owner. These are new items: seat, battery, gauge wheels, mower belt, heavy duty 6 Ply rear tires. Just sharpened blades and changed oil. 54" heavy duty deck in excellent condition. 20 HP. Water cooled...