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  1. 60" Mower Deck complete for 420 or 430 Garden Tractor

    For Sale
    I have a complete 60" mower deck, including driveshaft and connecting bars. No holes. Comes with extra blades. All in very good condition. $575.00 for local pick up or extra for shipping. 203-915-2474
  2. 420 front pto clutch parts needed

    Wanted to Buy
    hi all, the guy before me decided the best way to increase torque from the 420's front pto clutch would be to weld the rotor to the armature. he then rigged a vice-gripped lever to loosen the belts enough to disengage the belts from the constantly moving engine driven pulleys. the first time i...
  3. John Deere 332 Radiator Removal

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I'm looking for some guidance to remove the radiator from my 332. I've drained it, removed the hoses, removed all of the bolts from the shroud and the radiator. Everything is loose but I can't get the shroud out of the way to pull the radiator out. Do I need to remove the dash tower sides...
  4. john deere 430 garden tractor, fuel solenoid

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I have a 88' 430 garden tractor, that just started acting funny, I turn key and fuel solenoid pulls in, then I hear a click behind dash and the solenoid returns back, and wont start , now I can manually hold it in and it will start and run great, does anyone have any idea as to what is causing...
  5. new to the site

    New Member Introductions
    I'm looking for help, I have a 88. 430 with the diesel, it just started acting funny,when I turn the key fuel solenoid pulls in, then I here a click somewhere behind dash , then the solenoid returns to the out position, an tractor wont start, to get it to run I must manually push and hold...