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  1. REAL JD 303 Hydraulic Oil doesn't actually exsist.... hasn't since 1974!

    Hey Folks! Still working on my old JD 4320 transmission project and I'm getting to a point where I need to start thinking about buying fluid and filters. I ran across the article below and found it pretty interesting! In a nutshell, "real" JD 303 oil was discontinued in 1974 because it had...
  2. Old 4320, A Working Restoration...

    So, I recently acquired an early 1970's 4320 for doing hay on our family farm. I bought this tractor from a local used tractor dealership knowing it had some issues shifting. Little did I know what those issues took to fix. The top drive shaft synchronizer had completely fallen apart and to my...
  3. JD 4320 3rd SVC lever does not moved, even when unlocked

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    I've had this 2011 4320 since 2013 (open station) and only recently needed to use the 3rd SVC. The lever to operate the valve does not move, regardless of the position of the Lock / Unlock lever. It appears that to get under the plastic cover that the operating lever sticks up through to see...
  4. Working in the woods and Err 06

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    Spent some time cleaning up my maple woods between Christmas and New Years. It was more like fall than winter, muddy and warm. I’m regularly impressed with this tractor. It handles anything I can stick in the chipper without hardly hearing a change in engine speed. It started showing Err 06...
  5. Howdy from Metamora, MI

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, IM new to the Forum. I hope to learn a lot here and maybe even provide some feedback. I just recently purchsed a used 2007 4320 with Cab, 400cx loader, 6' Woods blade a 5' King Kutter Rotary cutter, bale spear for loader and 1 for 3point. Rock/Maure Bucket. -Matt
  6. 4720 homemade 3rd function kit...issue

    I made my own 4720 3rd function kit with the summit hyd. Valve. Works fine but with one issue! When I engage the electric operated scv my engine bogs down?Grapple operates just fine in both directions just have a drag on the engine. I ran 3/8" hoses from solenoid scv to front of tractor. I...
  7. cab 4320 3rd scv

    Hey guys, New member to the forum. After hours of searching on here, i was only able to find one post regarding a 3rd scv install on a 2006 4320 and it didn't really help. After getting an attitude from the dealership and being told it would take me 12 hours to install one i had enough of being...
  8. 4320 Engine won't turn after clutch replacement

    Utility Tractors
    I just finished splitting my '71 4320, replacing the clutch, and rejoining it. I went to start it, and the starter gives it's standard clunk of the solenoid engaging, but the engine only rotates enough to turn the fan blades about an inch, and no further. I suspected the batteries were low...
  9. New Guy in New york

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is John. I live in Upstate, Ny. I ordered a new closed station 4320 Deere last week. Options included were: 400CX FEL, 485 Backhoe, and SB2176 snow blower.