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  1. 5075E won't start

    Utility Tractors
    I've got a 2013 5075E with about 2300 hours on it that has been having starting issues. It will crank, but I'm getting no smoke from the stack. I've drained all the fuel and refilled with new diesel, cleaned the in tank fuel filter, replaced the water separator and I can tell it's getting fuel...
  2. Brush guard for a 5075E with a 540M loader

    Implements & Attachments
    Looking for a brush guard for the 540M loader. Has anyone seen where you can purchase on and where is a good place to buy a grill for a 5075E?
  3. Loaders by Westendorf

    Implements & Attachments
    For the 5 series JD. Loader comes with 3rd HYD option for a grapple. Total turn key ready for hookup. This is the CS-151 that is in the 420max family I believe. I have a quote for the CS-151. I won't publish the price but I will say it seems to be a legit deal. Doe anybody have an experience...
  4. 5075e HYD service QC problem

    Hooked to my disk today and one quick coupler wouldn't stay plugged in. quick connect isn't comin out far enough for the balls to lock around the male nipple. It's only one giving me trouble and it's the line with least amount of pressure, the down or ram in on cylinder. Even with the nipple...
  5. 5075E MFWD seal and injector pump leaking - LOW HOURS

    Utility Tractors
    Hello - just curious to find any one else's opinions or experiences with this... I have a 2011 5075E with 160 hours on it, and light use (on a horse farm, bush hogging, snow removal) - but it is now out of warranty and there are major problems that have popped up... 1) The diesel injector pump...