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  1. 5520 Transmisson or clutch issue

    Utility Tractors
    Hey there folks, I recently bought an 03 JD 5520 with a cab and FEL. I got it for a good price because something is wrong with it. I can go through all the gears and ranges with no problem but when I let my foot off the clutch, it doesn’t jump, it just moves real slow. When I give it some gas...
  2. 5520 PTO slipping

    Utility Tractors
    2005 5520 with cab and loader. Has a 10ft brush cutter on right now. When I engage the PTO it gradually takes off and, is sitting in one place, will almost act like it wants to get up to speed but then if I start moving forward, or sometimes on its own, the PTO will slow down and after a bit...
  3. 5520 Hydraulic Problems

    Utility Tractors
    Hi - I have a 2006 5520 with 5500 hours on it. It is the main tractor on my small dairy farm, and gets quite a lot of work. We make 4x4 round bales and use the 5520 for all hauling, moving bales, etc... For some time now I have been having significant problems with the hydraulic system...