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  1. Utility Tractors
    I just purchased a used 6330 from an equipment broker and I am a complete newb when it comes to tractors. The tractor looks to be in excellent condition with very little wear on the tires and other surfaces. One thing that is odd is that the engine RPMs will only reach 1700 (on the dot) when...
  2. Utility Tractors
    I am looking into the 6330 OOS and needed to know if the tractor can accommodate 54" tires on the rear and 42" tires on the front. I have taken some measurements and it looks like the rear tires would hit the fenders. Does anyone know where I can find information that would help determine the...
  3. Utility Tractors
    Hi to all, We are thinking of buying a 6330 or a 6430,there is about $3000 diference in price.The problem is trying to work out any spec diference between the two machines,can only see that the 64 has slightly bigger tyres and 10hp more.Is there any other diferences or is the 64 only a chiped up...
1-3 of 3 Results