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  1. Agricultural Tractors
    I am having an issue with a late 7520 (made around 2006) with a Power Quad transmission. It has been having intermittent shutdown issues for the last several years where it would die and then be able to be restarted. Now it has died and only restarted once in the last week after multiple...
  2. Utility Tractors
    6420 with 4k hours. hydraulic oil filter changed 10 hours ago. i wasnt in the tractor when problems started. It was a family friend who is almost deaf, so if a noise occured during the problem then he didnt hear it. We were running a 7200 planter with the vaccuum hooked up to a valve and the...
  3. Agricultural Tractors
    I had a 6420 i am starting have some problems after 20 minutes on it runs smoothly then it starts shaking like its not firing proberly i take off Clean Filters and it runs perfect but after i go work in the field and i come back it let it run for 10 minutes on and it will start shaking and 1500...
1-3 of 3 Results