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  1. Artillian Customer Service = Excellent!!!

    Artillian Tractor
    I want to start by saying that I am terrible about posting to the forum but I am a great consumer of information from this forum. I am not proud of the fact that I don't contribute and I only confess this because it takes allot to move me to post. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from TTWT...
  2. mmm single to double acting cylinder and Artillian diverter

    I have a Artillian diverter kit that I got awhile back to put on my 1025R. I want use a grappler which I know is most common use and to also use it to control the spout on my 47 inch snow blower. I won't be mounting the diverter kit on the loader arms but on the tractor itself so I can use it...
  3. Artillian Diverter Kit Installation Video (Deere 1-Series)

    Artillian Tractor
    I've put together a video of our 1025R Diverter Installation (for our new Artillian Grapple). (Special Thanks to Artillian/Curtis!) This is a long video, as the installation took awhile. There are two major sections: 1 - Hydraulic Installation 2 - Electrical Controller Installation We...
  4. Will Santa bring my Artillian forks?

    Implements & Attachments
    Pulled the trigger on a new set of Artillian forks today! Went with the 3k lb receiver hitch frame and 2.5k lb 42”x4” tines. And the new backrest too... Hopefully the tractor will arrive before the forks :)
  5. Artillian Warranty Card

    Artillian Tractor
    Cleaning up the shop since it was warm enough the last few days. Look what I found, nice and clean from my new plow adapter purchase. Chris you need to follow Tommy Boys advice.....:laugh:Just Kidding. You make a great product. Tommy: Let's think about this for a sec, Ted, why would somebody...
  6. Snow Packed in Quick Connect Hydraulic Connector

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hello from the bitter cold of Northern Ohio. Yesterday, we had +40 MPH gusts and blew a 3ft drift down my entire driveway. Good time. Anyway to get it all cleaned up and hopefully avoid in the future. I took off my 54 Plow and attached the bucket. I am using the amazing Artiallian Plow adapter...
  7. Artillian Forks on a H120/ 1026R tractor

    Artillian Tractor
    I went down and picked up my new forks from Chris at Artillian and was and am, VERY impressed, but I expected the best when I went. I felt like I was adopting one of his children! He obviously takes a LOT of pride in what he does and the quality sure shows that. We have used them for many...