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  1. John Deere 6910

    Agricultural Tractors
    Hi, I have just bought a 2000 JD 6910 that i am gonna tidy up and i have a few issues, there is a knocking noise coming from the front axle and i think it may be the bushes on the main pin that holds the front axle on. Has anyone on here had a similar problem or even had to change the bushes...
  2. Hello from Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    I am in desperate need of locating a axle housing and axle for a JD 4030 with a 2 7/8" radius and 32 7/8 long axle. Any body have any leads? I've tried Abiline, Bootheel and All States. Apparently this size of axle is "rare". :banghead::greentractorride:
  3. 1945 Model A Bull Gear Removel and Installation Question

    Johnny Poppers
    Hello everyone, I own a 1945 J-D Model A tractor and need to replace the right side final drive gear (A3045R). Can anyone walk me through the procedure and provide torque specifications for the large castle nut (A76R) that holds the bull gear in place? I plan to remove the rear wheel in...