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  1. No gears at all. Just a little shimmy and grind.

    Gators, UTVs, ATVs & Other Recreational Vehicles
    Hello all, I am not sure where to start so lets start at the beginning. I purchased a used xuv550 s4 from a fellow that installed a new motor. The motor has around 15 hours on it and the rest of the Gator has around 820 hours. She ran fine until Friday evening. I was cutting my lawn and...
  2. 2510 PTO issues

    Agricultural Tractors
    Good Morning All- I'm new to the forum so here it goes...We have a 1967 John Deere 2510 syncro range that we recently installed a rebuilt dual stage clutch in. The transmission clutch works fine but the PTO clutch won't go over-center into the engaged position without a considerable amount of...
  3. JD 8450 trans/clutch noise

    Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    Hello, when I shift from 4 to 3 or 2 to 1 in any range there is a loud bang noise, the same Happens when releasing the clutch in neutral or park, can anyone help, thanks Paul
  4. 650 Clutch

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Thought I would share this. JD 650. Going from gear to gear was fine, but after starting in neutral I was grinding just to get it into gear. Time to replace the clutch. Splitting the tractor was not hard at all. Luckily for me instead of removing the engine with the front end, I opted for...
  5. GT262 shearing PTO bolt

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi all, I have a GT262 that I bought about 6 months ago that has been mowing great until a couple weeks ago. I am having a problem with the bolt that holds the PTO on shearing off. The first time it happened I had mowed for about 20 minutes before the blades stopped spinning (which was my...
  6. 4320 Engine won't turn after clutch replacement

    Utility Tractors
    I just finished splitting my '71 4320, replacing the clutch, and rejoining it. I went to start it, and the starter gives it's standard clunk of the solenoid engaging, but the engine only rotates enough to turn the fan blades about an inch, and no further. I suspected the batteries were low...
  7. European 2030 broken pressure plate lever

    Utility Tractors
    Hi All, New to the forum so please forgive and direct me to correct category if wrong. Last Thursday while using a box blade I shifted from forward to reverse and it wouldn't go into reverse, it would just grind. After inspecting the linkage and opening the inspection port I noticed 1 of the 3...
  8. 5520 PTO slipping

    Utility Tractors
    2005 5520 with cab and loader. Has a 10ft brush cutter on right now. When I engage the PTO it gradually takes off and, is sitting in one place, will almost act like it wants to get up to speed but then if I start moving forward, or sometimes on its own, the PTO will slow down and after a bit...
  9. LA 140 PTO issues...Please help

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hey guys, thanks for the forum... My father-in-laws PTO quit working on his LA-140...I got out my voltmeter and checked voltages, resistance, etc and everything looked ok... When I went to unhook the PTO clutch harness connector, the yellow (Power) wire fell out of it's connector...Broken...