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  1. Trucks, Trailers, & Towing
    I'm researching dump trailers, and am trying to decide between deckover or low profile 6 x 10. The trailer is for personal use to haul yard waste to the town yard waste compost facility, loam, gravel and pea stone, and mulch from the local nursery, and to move debris around my yard from all...
  2. Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    First time posting here. I'm a transfer from wfm. This is a dump trailer barge wagon I just finished. I bought this last summer and the p.o. had done a pretty good job with the basics and I just took it a step further. He had designed it to be used behind a four wheeler and was using a small...
  3. Dump trailer

    My restoration of an old Crosley 5 Ton dump trailer
  4. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hello John Deere Affectionadoes, I am a city boy. Never owned a riding lawn mower let alone a tractor. I just bought a JD 455 with a front end loader. My link (scroll down the page) : John Deere Model 445 Riding Mower 54" Cut Front Loader Tractor Model 420 425 455 | eBay Now I want to buy...
  5. Dump trailer resto coming along

    Purchased an old farm dump made by Crosley in Starke FL. Purchased an old military tailgate to replace the missing one.
1-6 of 6 Results