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  1. R2 Manufacturing
    Just a quick post and endorsement for R2. I bought a set of edge tamers this past winter to plow my driveway and ordered the trash tamers as well. Anyway, this past weekend, I had to move a good size pile of firewood so I grabbed the tamers. A few minutes in, I thought I would set up some...
  2. R2 Manufacturing
    It's been a while since we've posted, we're a small business and summer family activities get priority. But one thing we did find the time for was to work on some new products! For this Labor Day, we're posting a product that reduces your labor, the Trash Tamer. It is another accessory for your...
  3. R2 Manufacturing
    Received a set of 3" edge tamers and edge extenders from R2 Manufacturing today. Installed them which was extremely quick and easy, used them to load a large bay window into a dumpster and was really pleased with them. Just wanted to post this to bring attention to this cheap and effective way...
1-3 of 3 Results