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flail mower
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  1. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi y'all! I have a x758 which I am installing a rear PTO kit and 3-point hitch on. I would like to use a flail mower on the back as I have had two drive-over 54" mower decks, both of which quickly were destroyed. My property is to uneven and has too many rocks, ruts, etc. and the drive-over...
  2. Implements & Attachments
    So I found a lead pipe with my flail mower while mowing today and broke the head off of one hammer. I’m wondering if anyone knows if I may be able to rebalance it by removing an a-posing hammer, even though there is no hammer directly opposite it. This is only to get me by until the replacement...
  3. General Tractor Operation and Ownership
    2 part question: Can someone breakdown what the hitch categories refer to? I’m guessing the weight baring capacity but google just doesn’t seem to like simple questions anymore!?! Maybe I just suck at searching... The reason I’m left wondering is my tractor can receive both 1&2 and I’m...
1-3 of 3 Results