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  1. 870 dash lights / won't run problem

    Utility Tractors
    Hi all! I was out moving a little snow when my 870 died. It would not start back up. Battery is fine and the starter turns without a problem, but it just won't run. It will keep firing as long as I keep the ignition turned but won't stay running. I also noticed since it died my dash warning...
  2. 4210 Electrical Issues

    Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    Obviously I have an electrical issue with my 4210. Both the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge is not working. they both appear to be grounding out due to that they are both showing maximum fuel and maximum temperature. The question is where do I start to look. Is there a common ground behind...
  3. Fuel Gauge not registering

    Utility Tractors
    I need anyone's suggestion on what to do about my John Deere 5210 fuel gauge. It has been working fine forever but now all of a sudden it never gets past slam empty. Even at half full or slam full it never leaves the empty side. Any suggestions? I will eventually take it to the dealer I just...