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  1. Newer JD 7520 Intermittent Dying Issue-Solved

    Agricultural Tractors
    I am having an issue with a late 7520 (made around 2006) with a Power Quad transmission. It has been having intermittent shutdown issues for the last several years where it would die and then be able to be restarted. Now it has died and only restarted once in the last week after multiple...
  2. LA 140 PTO issues...Please help

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hey guys, thanks for the forum... My father-in-laws PTO quit working on his LA-140...I got out my voltmeter and checked voltages, resistance, etc and everything looked ok... When I went to unhook the PTO clutch harness connector, the yellow (Power) wire fell out of it's connector...Broken...