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  1. John Deere 2140 SG2 - Year 1986

    Agricultural Tractors
    Hello, My boss has a John Deere 2140 SG2 that he has asked me to fix up and sell on. I am having difficulty with parts, especially when they label them early type and later type. Can anyone help me please, is a 1986 a older or later type? My knowledge on tractors or John Deere is not very...
  2. 260B Backhoe Mechnical Thumb Comparison and Bucket Help

    Implements & Attachments
    To all, I have a 260B Backhoe. I have been looking at thumb options and have searched Green Tractor Talk community and also online. I have seen many pictures and videos but seems that I can not find what I am looking for. Know one has probably seen or used both thumbs to provide a comparison...
  3. 2305 John Deere no forward or reverse

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Father in law has a 2305 that sheared the hydrostatic upper shaft on the pump. Broke the u-joint and fan on the shaft. Replaced the u-joints, fan, hydrostatic pump case, upper shaft, bearing and seals. When adding fluid, I get fluid in the sight glass after adding about 3 gallons. 3 point...
  4. John Deere 214 Grinding when starting

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    So to start off with I am trying to get an old John deere 214 up and running. Pulled from a shed from a friend and it was running last summer and now it isn't. I have replaced the solenoid and ignition coil with new parts. Spark plug is new. When I start it, it makes a grinding noise. I...
  5. John Deere 650 3PT lift capacity

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hi all, Wonder what the lift capacity is on a 1985 jd 650. I am buying a 295lb box blade, and I'm wondering if it will be able to handle it with lots of dirt in it. Never had an issue lifting my 35 gallon aerator, but wondering if it can handle this too. Anyone know the lift capacity?
  6. 3038e Retro AR Brushgaurd

    Metalworking & Fabrication
    Hello, Longtime reader First time poster I have really been putting the 3038e to the test. While brushing i put a stick through the Grille and decided it was time to upgrade the front push bar. I built this Retro AR brush guard for it one weekend. I have put 420hrs on this unit in 2 years, it...
  7. John Deere 6910

    Agricultural Tractors
    Hi, I have just bought a 2000 JD 6910 that i am gonna tidy up and i have a few issues, there is a knocking noise coming from the front axle and i think it may be the bushes on the main pin that holds the front axle on. Has anyone on here had a similar problem or even had to change the bushes...
  8. New to the site

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Vernon and I own and operate(along with my wife) Greens Lawn & Landscape. We are located in a small town called Ripley in Tennessee. We recently bought a 2018 John Deere 1025r. I am very excited to be a member of the site and very much look forward to getting other...
  9. John Deere 955 motor mounts

    Utility Tractors
    Looking for advice on replacing the four motor mounts for a John Deere 955 tractor 1. The bolt the centers the mount holding it to the frame and fits into a bolt underneath is there a need for a 90 degree wrench to hold the nut while loosening the bolt? 2. On the rear left side of the engine...
  10. 4430 powershift park system

    Agricultural Tractors
    My tractor started rolling when in park. I noticed under the cab the roll pin on the transmission lock was missing. I got that fixed then the shifter was stuck in park. If I loosen the clamp holding the cable (under the cab) it will shift out of park, but still rolls. I was told the cable could...
  11. 2004 Deere 317 hour meter issue

    Construction Equipment
    Found a ton of great info on this site! I recently bought a Deere 317 skid steer, it was bought from a bobcat dealer, they brought in on a trade with 2054 hours and I bought at 2094 hours. They delivered the machine and I power washed it all down and started using it. I used for 6-7 hours and...
  12. JD 468 Round Baler

    Implements & Attachments
    Good Morning everybody, I am now a proud owner of a JD 486 round baler. Just got it and I'm in process of setting it up. My monitor isn't turning on, so I had it checked out by the JD dealer and it turned on for him. I have an operating manual on the way. My question is does the\ baler have to...
  13. Loaders by Westendorf

    Implements & Attachments
    For the 5 series JD. Loader comes with 3rd HYD option for a grapple. Total turn key ready for hookup. This is the CS-151 that is in the 420max family I believe. I have a quote for the CS-151. I won't publish the price but I will say it seems to be a legit deal. Doe anybody have an experience...
  14. 5 Reasons Why John Deere Is Better Than Kubota

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Here's five reasons why I think John Deere is better than Kubota in the sub-compact and compact tractor market. For the record, I think Kubota is better than John Deere is several areas as well. Neither is the perfect tractor and this video just hits some of the differences between John Deere...
  15. John Deere 970 with 440 loader. Like new 56 hours!

    For Sale
    For sale: Our plans have changed, and we have decided that country living is not for us and are selling our property near Ojai, CA and are planning to move to Santa Barbara. So there is no more need for this tractor. John Deere 970 with 440 Loader including: 60" Woods grader (like new) Titan...
  16. 6110R with IVT

    Utility Tractors
    I'm looking at getting a new tractor after fall. Right now the 6110R looks to be about the size I am looking for but I would love to have an IVT. Does anyone have any experience with a tractor of this size that has got an IVT? I am also looking if anyone has any numbers on the cab height for a...
  17. grandpa's old 4630 before and after

    My grandfather got this 1973 4630 brand new but had to sell it in 1994 when the farm downsized. In 2016 I found the tractor at an local auction bought it back with my father and had it redone.]
  18. For Sale: 2006 John Deere 5425 4WD 81HP Tractor, Model 542 Loader, Factory Cab

    Good Works Lawn & Power
    Howdy folks, Here is a gorgeous, one owner 2006 John Deere 5425 tractor with Model 542 self-leveling front end loader and factory cab. This tractor is on consignment on behalf of the owner. This tractor only has 330 hours on it and is four wheel drive. It's equipped with a John Deere Turbo...
  19. For Sale: 2007 John Deere 4105 4WD 41HP Tractor, 300cx Loader, Rear Remote

    Good Works Lawn & Power
    Howdy, This tractor has just landed. Freshly serviced including engine and hydraulic fluid/filter changes. This is a 4 Series tractor equipped with a Model 300cx quick park front end loader with hard to find skid steer quick attach 72" HD bucket! It also has a rear remote which allows for a...
  20. 2010 John Deere 3320 4WD 33HP Tractor, 300CX Loader, Factory Cab For Sale

    Good Works Lawn & Power
    Howdy all, Here is a low hour, 3 Series tractor for sale. It shows 256 hours and includes a John Deere factory cab equipped with heat, air conditioning, radio, and rear view mirror. Some of the options include a 33HP Yanmar diesel engine, three range eHydro transmission, tilt steering, cruise...