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  1. Lawn leveling

    Land Ownership, Landscaping, Lawn Care & Gardening
    I have about 3 acres I bounce across with my Exmark and don't want to be doing this when I'm 80. This is mainly due to much of the acreage having been an orchard 50+ years ago. Recently, we had several wheelbarrows of dirt, so I tried an experiment. I put the 7' rear blade on my 30309R and ran...
  2. Leveling 318 50-in deck

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    In order to level my mower deck, I need to have one yoke bolt tightened 1/2-in shorter than the other. (This is measured from the bolt hole on the mule to the hook hole on the deck bracket.) To be sure my measurements are accurate, I lay a sheet of 3/4" plywood on a flat driveway to minimize any...
  3. Z225 Deck out of wack

    ZTR's and Commercial Turf Equipment
    Hello all, As of recent the deck on my zero turn has come un level, I've tried leveling it myself with the john deere deck leveling tool. The back of the deck I can get level to any setting I'd like. but the front of the deck I am having great trouble with. I can get the right blade to be 1/4...
  4. 2210 and 54 mid-mount mower deck wheels

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hi Guys, New to the forum and I just want to say thanks to everyone who posts tips. I just bought a John Deere 2210 a few weeks back and am very pleased. I upgraded from a 445 (also a great machine) and the loader and 4x4 has been very helpful. I noticed that my deck was a little out of...