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  1. Implements & Attachments
    First time doing some real work with my brand new backhoe today and I noticed that the mast of the loader where it attaches to the mounting points has some play in it. Only really notice it when lowing the bucket and the loader arms transition from supporting the weight of the bucket to applying...
  2. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hey gang, I'm new to the forum and am needing some assistance with troubleshooting a problem I recently came across. I have had my D130 for about 2 years now and haven't had a single problem with it since purchase. However, just recently I've realized that when I engage the blades and my deck...
  3. Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    There is slack/looseness where the masts join on the end plates on tractor. It is from wear. Anyone have a solution. Have seen John Deere shim kits for other loaders, just not this loader.
  4. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Hello All, I finally got fed up with the John Deere retailer telling me that the excessive play in my steering column was normal, so I took both side panels off my 1026r and I started to fault trace. Here is what I found! For excessive vertical (front to back) play in the column, I found the...
1-4 of 4 Results