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  1. X580 54" Accel - Spindle removal

    Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    Morning, I'm hoping this is the right forum area for this, as I consider it maintenance and not repair. Do I need to purchase the Tech Manual TM138819 for my X580, or is it relatively safe for someone to disassemble/reassemble their own mower deck. I'd like to power wash mine as it's very...
  2. Stihl Recommended Maintenance Interval vs Performance

    Tools & Equipment
    The Stihl Owners Manuals recommends their gas-powered equipment have the combustion chamber de-coked and the valve clearance checked / adjusted every 139 hours. I treat my equipment well, performing the scheduled maintenance and only use good quality fuel/oil. All my Stihl equipment (trimmer...
  3. Changing hydraulic fluid/filter

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    A few years ago my 1026R was due for its first 50hr service. I couldn't get the plug out. In fact I stripped it bad. Not wanting the mess with it, thinking this this first service was important, and having a bit of work to do that summer, I had the dealership come get it, service it, and...
  4. Rusty Protection for Mower Decks

    Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    Good morning. I currently have a 54" deck on my x739 that I coated with POR-15 to prevent rust on the deck. Has anyone ever done this? What do you think? Is it worth it? I am trading this tractor in and getting a new 54" deck on a 1025r. Wonder if others think this is a good idea or waste...
  5. changing old trans/hydraulic fluid over to Hy-gard in a 314

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Bought an early '80s 314 that is still running on the old pink hydraulic/transmission fluid. Recently had to repair one of the hoses coming off the charge pump, and lost a decent amount of fluid before I fixed it (it doesnt even show in the clear tube). I'm thinking this is a good time to just...
  6. 955 hydraulic filter replacement question

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    Dear 955 owners, I have always intended to replace my hydraulic oil filter*, but keep wondering if I need to drain all the hydraulic oil first. Obviously there will be the filter's hydraulic oil contents spilling around, but what about the rest? Maybe the answer to my question is that I...