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  1. F1145

    ZTR's and Commercial Turf Equipment
    hi looking for a parts list for the F1145 mowing deck thanks
  2. x-series diesel lawn mowers overheating

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    This is a last resort: I bought an X-758 4WD diesel mower 4 years ago at the end of the mowing season. No problems with the first 1-2 times I used it. In the spring I started mowing but the motor would overheat and shut down the cutting deck. Short story is, 5-6 trips to the dealer,over the...
  3. 60D deck arms bent

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    I've had greater and greater difficulty getting my 60D to mate with my 1025R. Today finally I spent roughly 45 minutes trying to get it to attach before giving up. Upon closer inspection, it seems the right "arm" that receives the lift "knobs" has bent in such a way that the "knob" can no...
  4. GX85 mower with bagger near Charlotte, NC

    For Sale
    Have this listed locally, but thought someone on here may be interested. John Deere GX85 rear engine mower. This is an early 2000's model purchased from John Deere dealer, no cheap big box store model. 13HP B&S badged Deere engine, 30" deck, 5 speed gear drive. It does have some bruises from...
  5. 72


    Photo of 72 inch Mower deck attached to 3039R
  6. 62D Mower Front Draft Arm Welds Keep Breaking

    Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    Is it just me or do others have the same problem where the welds keep breaking on the 62D Mower Front Draft Arms? The Dealer has re-welded one side and now the other has cracked. If you've come up with a solution, I'd be interested in hearing about it. I just purchased a second draft arm so...
  7. Flail Mower question and Hydraulic

    Implements & Attachments
    Hi, I want to add a mower deck to my JD970. Being in southern callifornia there isn't much of a "lawn" to speak off. Our 3 acres are a far cry from a golf course and all that grows on it are weeds and some kind of grass that turns bown in the summer. Thinking about bringing more life to to soil...
  8. Leaf Bagger Question

    Implements & Attachments
    I have ordered a 1025r with the 3 bag material collection unit. It attaches to the hitch but I am wondering if there is a person or a company that makes an iMatch adapter to connect this to iMatch along with the extension for the power flow chute. This way when I want to remove the mower deck...
  9. X300 - Parking brake kills PTO

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hello, I have a 2011 JD X300 w/ a 42" Edge deck. Recently, I removed the deck to clean it and do a little maintenance on the tractor. After putting the deck back on, I tried to engage the mower. The mower did start (although it hesitates momentarily when I first pull up on the PTO switch), but...
  10. Problem: Tons of grass clippings. Solution: Hay sweep

    Implements & Attachments
    I have almost 4.5 acres to cut. I have a 1025r with 60D mowing deck. I bought an Agri-fab 44" lawn sweeper (25 cu. ft. capacity). The front yard is about an acre and with just 2 weeks between mowings I filled the sweeper 8 times! Using a pitch fork to load this into a trailer nearly gave me...
  11. 1025r mower deck adjustment

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    Like a number of posters my 1025r maximum cutting height seems low, lower than my old JD185, for example. I note that when the deck is raised fully (either in rear PTO only or mid and rear PTO settings): 1) the mower deck height selection knob does not turn completely counter clockwise to "H"...
  12. LX 279 For Sale 48C deck 17HP Liquid cooled V twin

    For Sale
    LX 279 mower 4 sale. 48C deck. 17HP Kaw liquid cooled V twin power. New battery. New blades and belts two seasons ago. New electric PTO clutch about 3 years ago. Ready to mow. Nothing wrong with tractor. Very clean. Low hours. Maybe about 400 hours on tractor. This is a real John Deere...
  13. 345 -54" deck - low hours. $2,900

    For Sale
    For sale is a 345 Garden Tractor. Great shape, only 409 hours. Only used to mow, no heavy pulling or anything, very truly grandma's mower. Pick up just north of Akron OH, nearby delivery available.
  14. New D100- belt very loose...please help.

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi all, i just purchased my first John Deere. I bought the D100 from my local Lowes. When I got it home, i noticed a bad vibration when the blades were engaged. I looked and noticed the belt was very loose, so I adjusted the tensioner all the way tight, but it is still fairly loose. Any ideas on...
  15. Lift 60D Mower with FEL

    Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    As a new 1026R owner, I have been looking for a way to move the 60D deck around once it is off the tractor, it is heavy. I have Ken's hooks on the bucket and can use chain but since all the implements will be living outdoors, I want to minimize scratching the paint off with chain. I went to...
  16. Agri-Fab spreader for my JD D110 tractor

    Implements & Attachments
    I got an Agri-Fab broadcast spreader recently for my JD D110 and want to know what everyone else's opinion is about them. Did I make the right choice or should I have went with a Deere attachment? It still looks great. If you don't know about Agri-Fab spreaders you can go to this link...
  17. Restored 1965 John Deere 110 Round Fender Riding Mower (with pics)

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    This was given to me, and I passed it on to my brother. He restored it a few winters ago and it is in full working condition now. I plan on taking a HD video of me mowing with it. I'll post a link here. See all pics here on my photobucket page...