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  1. New member from Bedford, Virginia

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    Hey from Virginia. Like others I was out seeking information on my 1026R and came across this site. Thank God. I picked up the 1026R with the purchase of our place. Have been using it and finding my way around it for a season. Have yet to hook up the loader but have removed and reinstalled...
  2. Quick Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Wanted to say hello; have lurked around here for a while, and am quite appreciative of the knowledge and advice folks have shared. I have benefitted from others' experiences, and have patronized vendors like Bolt-On Hooks and FitRite Hydraulics -- both of whom I cannot recommend highly enough...
  3. Pulled the trigger

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    Hey everyone, I have been lurking for a few weeks trying to make up my mind about which brand would be best for my needs and reading all of the community input; the wife and I went with a 1025! We opted for the 120 FEL, 60" mmm, 60" back blade, and engine block heater. Wish I would have found...
  4. Intro post from a lurker in central CA

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    Hi! I've been lurking here a while and am finally getting around to the mandatory intro post. I live in the Sierra foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, also known as the Gold Country. A few months ago my driveway had washed out rather badly in one of the few storms of consequence we've...