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oil leak

  1. 102 5 speed Briggs and Stratton Oil Leak and Smoke

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    When I got her out of the shed from winter this is what I encountered. Oil ring on right side, right below drain valve Oil stain surrounding the engine on the frame Ran with white smoke Seemed to be choking out with a rhythm to it, the smoke would increase with the rhythm When engaged deck all...
  2. 1975 JD 2130 German model hydraulic problem: Rock shaft doesn't lift

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so if I make some mistakes, please understand me. So I have a hydraulic problem with this old JD. Everything worked fine until a week ago, when oil started coming out from the gear lever area and I saw smoke coming from the hydraulic pump in the front. The result...
  3. Brand new E110 with 3 hours on it has oil leak

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I don't mind an oil leak on an old machine, but not on a brand new E110 with 3 hours on it. I mind very much when the leak is from the valve covers and the oil drips directly onto the muffler, causing a very smoky condition and the potential for a fire soon after you start it. I was curious...
  4. Grass wrapped MFWD shaft on 2320

    Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    Back again. So the grass got tall while I was dealing with the hydraulic pipe repair. The MFWD shaft got completely wound up in grass. Took an hour to clean out. Now i’m worried about the front seal as I thought I saw something drip from that location. I can’t seem to locate the right diagram...
  5. Oil Leak on John Deere 4700

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    Good morning everyone! I am new to the forum, as I have recently bought a new to me JD. I bought a 4wd 2001 JD 4700 with FEL. It has a little over 1600 hrs. Bought it a few months ago and it has been a great running machine so far. Fires right up every time, runs strong, and no smoke. Last...
  6. Oil in engine coolant

    Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    First time user. I have a JD 650 with the 2t 80 yanmar, 1982 I think. Motor got real tired last year, weak fuel injector pump. Had injectors, injector pump rebuilt. While apart replaced piston rings and bearings, reseated valves in head. Put it all back together and it ran the best it ever has...
  7. Z225 Oil Leak

    ZTR's and Commercial Turf Equipment
    Hello all my first post here so I hope I posted this to the right section. I have a Z225 that is leaking oil out of the bottom of the motor, I believe it is the crackshaft seal.. But i'm not 100 percent sure, the leak is right by the oil filter but the oil filter itself is not leaking. Anyway...
  8. Seeking help re: Oil leak

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    My 425 AWS with Kaw 20hp motor has a slight oil leak from a valve cover. I snugged up the bolts but they were not really loose. Does anyone know what type of gasket is used on these valve covers and if John Deere sells them individually?