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  1. Use of Synthetic Oil in my 4066R

    Tractor & Equipment Maintenance
    I now have 100 hours on my 4066R tractor which I Purchased new. I did change the oil at around 80 hours and used John Deere Plus 50 10-30 oil as per the recommendation of the dealer that sold me the tractor. However I am a firm believer in synthetic oil’s and use them in all of my vehicles. My...
  2. 2520 Amsoil???

    Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    Thinking of doing 200 hour service and changing Engine oil and Hydro fluid to Amsoil full synthetic wondering if anyone has done this and which oil was used and if were pleased with it... I have been using Amsoil in everything else I own for several years now and have been very happy with...
  3. Jan Contest by your T-1 Amsoil Dealer and MORE

    GreenTractorTalk News
    Congrats to Ken for winning the Jan Amsoil prizes! Your order will be out shortly! I wanted to leave the great people on here a quick note: I want you to try Amsoil or one of our other products this month! We do not have just the best oil out there but we also have great products from Aggrand...