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  1. 1958 246/247 John Deere planter

    For Sale
    John Deere two row planter for food plots or small farmette. Has been used to plant 10 acres of beans and corn for the last 5 years. Unit is complete down to the fertilizer colter scrapers. Fertilizer boxes have been Linex-ed for longevitity. Quik hitch compatible. Comes with owners manuel and...
  2. 6420 Hydraulic Flow Loss. Pressure Good.

    Utility Tractors
    6420 with 4k hours. hydraulic oil filter changed 10 hours ago. i wasnt in the tractor when problems started. It was a family friend who is almost deaf, so if a noise occured during the problem then he didnt hear it. We were running a 7200 planter with the vaccuum hooked up to a valve and the...
  3. Planter upgrade help

    Implements & Attachments
    Looking for some upgrade inputs for next years planting. We currently have a john deere 7200 conservation max emerge two 16 row corn planter with an old plain 250 monitor that we pulled on our jd 8400t. We have new bullseye seed tubes and keeton wet tails for it (considering adding a tank for...
  4. Garden - Planter, Tiller, Cultivator - What is needed?

    Implements & Attachments
    Been talking with Brian quite a bit about what all would be the best tools to do a fairly decent sized sweet corn plot. To sum things up... Summary - Using a JD 3520 Tractor w/ 4" Spacers on the rear - Using about a 1 acre area to till, plant, and manage - Will be planting sweet corn...