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power steering

  1. X360 Hydraulic Noise

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I noted a whining noise in the p/s and deck position hydraulics and saw that the reservoir cap had popped off thus allowing the hypo oil to leak out over time. I filled the tank which initially took are of the noise, but it comes back after restarting the tractor the next day. Goes away after...
  2. Power Steering failing??

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    I recently acquired a 3520 with 1400 hours and while the power steering works fine, I noticed that the steering wheel slowly drifts counter clockwise. I hadn't noticed this working in the yard, but I had to drive it a couple miles on the road, and became obvious then. Maybe a whole rotation in...
  3. Power Steering Lines diagram Help.

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi every one. I have a question ive been stumped on for awhile and the local deere shops are no help.. I cant figure out where the lines go in the steering valve. Its a 1999 445 JD there is 5 holes the fittings are held onto the steering valve with a plate. But i want to make sure im putting...