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pto clutch

  1. Blades not fully engaging on hills JD 425

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I have a John Deere 425. I have had issues with the blade fully engaging when I am on even the slightest slope. After a while it just wouldn't start. After a lot of research I have replaced spark plugs, coils, battery, deck belt, blades, starter and changed the fluids. It starts like a champ now...
  2. 4450 slips clutch in every implement

    Agricultural Tractors
    We have a 4450 that will not operate any of our equipment that has a slip clutch without slipping. Round and square balers, disc mowers, and batwing brush hog all offer the same experience. All of the equipment works properly on any of our other tractors, including 4430, 4240, and late model...
  3. PTO does it engage with a new PTO clutch & Wiring Harnass

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I've got a LA140 and it's about 10 years old and the PTO clutch broke free of the mounts and spun the wiring Harnass all up. I replaced the PTO and the wiring Harnass and the 20 amp fuse it blew and still nothing. Could I also need the main engagement switch to be replaced...what else could...
  4. 757 PTO Clutch Replacement Wiring Question

    ZTR's and Commercial Turf Equipment
    I am replacing the electric PTO clutch (TCA15800) on 757 zero turn. The wires coming from the harness were melted and I am also repairing. Wires coming from harness are 1-blue and 1-black. Does it matter how they are connected to the wires coming out of clutch which are both green (as in which...
  5. JD 5603 PTO hard to engage

    Utility Tractors
    I have a John Deere 5603 and the PTO is hard to engage. It is extremely hard to pull PTO handle. I took the cable off the engagement arm under the tractor and the handle is not in a bind. It is certainly the PTO arm under the tractor. I can tap the arm underneath with a hammer and it will...