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  1. Hydraulics
    I pushed some snow a little hard this morning with my snow blade on the Front Hitch and now it won't move to the left. The up and down function works and it will turn to the right fully but not the left. I have isolated the problem to the hydraulic ram. I removed the blade, took off the hose...
  2. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    I recently purchased a 54" blade w a QH that was advertised to fit a 2720, 2305, x475 and 1025r. I got it all home and am trying to figure out how it will fit my 1025r. The bracket appears to be too narrow to even come close to fitting. My dealer says it won't fit. The guy I bought it from...
  3. Medium Frame Compact Utility Tractors (MCUT)
    Another plea to the GTT braintrust: I'm hoping to use the front qh snow blade from my x485 on my '13 2025r. I changed the bracket on the frame to make it qh compatible by removing the non-qh MMM hangers that came with it and installed LVB24895 for my MMM and front blade: I got a replacement...
  4. Implements & Attachments
    I recently added a 54" snow thrower with the front quick hitch to my collection of implements for my 2720. Because the quick hitch has different mounting plates, a compatible belly mower mounting kit is included. Unfortunately, the belly mower mounting kit bracket isn't compatible with the...
  5. Implements & Attachments
    Does anyone know where I can download a installation manual for the front quick hitch?
1-5 of 5 Results