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  1. Johnny Poppers
    Hey all, to start this is the first tractor I have ever rebuilt and my first 2cyl JD. 1. In the upper water pipe where it connects to the section of radiator hose, I'm missing roughly a 1" square of the end of the pipe due to water sitting and rusting it out. What's a good rust inhibitor to put...
  2. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I've owned a 455 for a long time, and just recently my bearing on my water pump failed. I replaced the water pump, but when I put the shroud and radiator back on, I got some heavy contact between the fan and the shroud. I noted that the fan blades were already a little worn down from what looks...
  3. Restoration
    I recently acquired a project that seems to be a somewhat odd one when it comes to selecting parts. This 1944 unstyled AR is in the narrow SN range where changes were made being SN 263652. I am needing to locate a radiator core and the parts diagram I look at shows it having an AA2235R. Many...
1-3 of 3 Results