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  1. STX38 Yellow Deck Rehab

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hello! Just picked up a 1991 STX38 (gear) last night that doesn't currently run but the previous owner says that, when the battery had a charge, the engine would turn over but not start. Never owned a tractor before but I'm handy enough with small engines. I'm going to start with the...
  2. What to do with my 318?

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    We have a 318 that we bought new in 1990 (for 5K; my how time flies!). It was only used for mowing and towing things around the for its first ten years then we got a 49 snowblower - should have bought that in 1990. I don't know off-hand how many hours are on it, but there's a bunch; 22 year old...