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  1. Barns & Buildings
    Finally got my radiant tube heat installed in my shop/garage. It's a 32'x48' pole building and they spec'd a 40', 80,000 BTU natural gas unit. I thought that was a little low on the BTU side but two different companies that I had provide a quote spec'd the same size unit. I don't have any...
  2. Home & Workshop Projects
    Short video of the assembly process. Yes you can see my 1026R in this too.:mocking:
  3. Barns & Buildings
    I made a 2' x 8' solar air heater for my shop. I hope to get alot of sun this winter here in central Illinois. Right now I'm getting up to 165 degrees of air at full sun. I hope to add more details if anyone is interested. Thanks for lookin, KHOP
  4. Barns & Buildings
    Here is a short video of my shop. Thanks for looking
1-4 of 5 Results