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  1. Utility Tractors
    I recently picked up a 2640 for use around my acreage. The steering has excessive play so I'm putting out some feelers to learn what options I might have to tighten it up. It would be useable as-is but annoying. I've noticed that the steering wheel shaft moves up & down a bit as it is turned...
  2. Utility Tractors
    I have an industrial 301 which is pretty much the same as the 2630. I'm dealing with the loss of hydraulic pressure. I can only get 500psi at idle and 1200 psi at full throttle. I have rebuilt the Main hydraulic pump, pressure regulating valve and transmission pump. If I disconnect the lift arm...
  3. Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi all (again), Just had the steering column spring a bit a leak ( understatement, sizable amount of fluid gysered out and leaked onto deck, hopefully not killing too much of the grass). Am I going to have replace the whole steering column or does it make more sense to replace the seals inside...
1-3 of 3 Results