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  1. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi guys I own a x585 tractor. I have owned it since 161 hours, it now has 630 hours. When I bought the tractor with 161 hours the problem it had was after you have been mowing for around 1/2 hour (when motor was fully hot) and then shut the motor off and it sat for 5-10 mins and then start it...
  2. Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I've been rebuilding a JD 314 powered with a rebored Kohler K321 in my spare time for the past year. I've got everything back together and wired up and lucky for me - she runs again! When I get it fired up at low idle all is well and it idles around 2000 RPM. The problem that I'm having is that...
  3. Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    My 110 tlb has started surging. After some research I thought for sure once I replaced the sensor lva17409 it would be fixed. But it's not fixed. If I leave the sensor unplugged, the surging goes away. Do I assume I bought a bad sensor and buy another? Or can I just leave the sensor...
1-3 of 3 Results