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sweet corn

  1. John Deere 7000 w/ Liquid Fertilizer and Row Cultivator

    Implements & Attachments
    Hey guys, Been doing some looking around, and think I've settled in for a John Deere 7000 2-row planter setup on 26", with a liquid fertilizer system and then also a row cultivator setup the same. All of this is refurbished and custom built by a guy in Illinois, total package for both...
  2. Garden - Planter, Tiller, Cultivator - What is needed?

    Implements & Attachments
    Been talking with Brian quite a bit about what all would be the best tools to do a fairly decent sized sweet corn plot. To sum things up... Summary - Using a JD 3520 Tractor w/ 4" Spacers on the rear - Using about a 1 acre area to till, plant, and manage - Will be planting sweet corn...