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  1. Implements & Attachments
    A little long winded here, but the questions will pop up at the end :) I was reading through the loader manual (440R) and had some questions. Specifically, the loader manual has the following for minimum ballast: 63 inch or greater rear tread setting Rear tires filled with liquid ballast Four...
  2. Ballast

    Suitcase weights 42x4 70x4 on heavy hitch.
  3. Ballast

    Ballast 42 x 4 and 70 x 4
  4. Trucks, Trailers, & Towing
    I'm considering the purchase of a 5'x10' single axle utility trailer to haul firewood, mulch, etc. The dimensions are sufficient for my 2720, but I'm concerned about the weight. According to the owners' manual: 1973 lbs for the tractor without attachments ??? for ballasted tires The trailer...
1-4 of 4 Results