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wheel weights
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  1. Sub Compact Utility Tractors (SCUT)
    I'm new to tractor ownership. I have a 1023e that came along with a house purchase. Still getting to know the tractor but have done an oil/filter change, blade sharpening, and other routine maintenance tasks. I'm assuming that the "covers" on the rear wheels are wheel weights, correct...
  2. Implements & Attachments
    I Have 1025R and using for snow removal. I was considering Using wheel weights on the rear for better traction in stead of ballast box. Reason i feel it would not take traction away from front wheels like the box hanging out on the back Which would help with better traction & steering of front...
  3. For Sale
    I have a set (2) of used wheel weights that fit JD 317, 318 and several other garden tractors with wheel sizes 24 x 12.00 12NHS. They are bolted together in the picture so I don't lose one in the shop someplace! Good Condition. Asking $125.00 plus shipping of ??. Also a set of tire chains...
1-3 of 4 Results