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  1. Newer JD 7520 Intermittent Dying Issue-Solved

    Agricultural Tractors
    I am having an issue with a late 7520 (made around 2006) with a Power Quad transmission. It has been having intermittent shutdown issues for the last several years where it would die and then be able to be restarted. Now it has died and only restarted once in the last week after multiple...
  2. 2020 Charging

    Large Frame Compact Utility Tractors (LCUT)
    I have a repowered 2020 with a 239 diesel. It will not charge, Batteries are new, the alternator is been tested at a reputable shop. The excite circuit has 2.6 volts and the sense has 0 volts. My understanding is they should be 12 volts but am not sure if there are resistors or diodes in those...
  3. 318 starting/wiring issue

    Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors
    I have a 1989 318 with a Kohler engine. It has a history of not starting (and once dying) due to loose wires at the ignition switch. This time it has the same symptoms but I have checked the wiring at the ignition switch and even replaced the switch to no avail. Here is what I know: 1. The...
  4. 757 PTO Clutch Replacement Wiring Question

    ZTR's and Commercial Turf Equipment
    I am replacing the electric PTO clutch (TCA15800) on 757 zero turn. The wires coming from the harness were melted and I am also repairing. Wires coming from harness are 1-blue and 1-black. Does it matter how they are connected to the wires coming out of clutch which are both green (as in which...