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  1. For Sale
    Full 9' of digging depth, two buckets. Very, very low hours. I'm the second owner. I purchased the backhoe in May 2017 from a deceased homeowner's estate sale, but it's just big to mount on my tractor--just as Woods informed me it would be. Before the purchase, I mounted the backhoe to the...
  2. Land Ownership, Landscaping, Lawn Care & Gardening
    Happy Friday everyone. I am waiting patiently for my 1025r with a FEL, 54" mid mount mower with 14 BU material collection unit, 60" rear blade, 54" Ratchet Rake, Pallet Forks and 125" electric spreader all using iMatch for the 3 point hitch. This will be a trade in of x739 with a bunch of...
1-2 of 2 Results