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  1. For Sale X540 with Belt Driven Vacuum System

    For Sale
    For sale x540 with belt driven vacuum system. Very low hours on it 56 has been used very little. Brush guard on front. Has been serviced as required in manual. Have manual and all paperwork. Located in Georgia outside of Atlanta- Douglasville. $5000.00
  2. X540 plow attachment

    Implements & Attachments
    Hey everyone, I just picked up an x540 with 400 hours on it, and got a plow separately. I have all the pieces to install, just having a hard time with the rockshaft and linkage assembly. Wondering if anyone could send me some pictures of theirs as I don't have a set of instructions. Thanks all!!
  3. x540 runs till hot the dies and backfires

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    hi all need some help here diagnosing the issue. our x540 has about 510 hrs on it and has had regular fall and spring maintenance, last summer it started with the issue of dying out after running for a bit about 45 mins. during the winter it was fine was able to plow snow for 30- to 60 mins...
  4. Which easier to install: 47" belt-drive blower (x500 series) or shaft-drive (x700)

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Which easier to install: 47" belt-drive blower (x500 series) or shaft-drive (x700) Hi Everyone - New member here, considering retiring my 29-year-old Wheel Horse garden tractor for a JD that will be easier on my aging and deteriorating back, especially when it comes to changing between mower...
  5. Secondary belt popping off

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Mower had been working fine this season, but when I was sharpening the blades, I noticed the secondary belt (one that goes around blade spindles) was worn, so I decided to replace it. Found a belt on Amazon that was touted as a replacement for the exact part number, and I checked the belt after...
  6. Garden tractor decision time new x530, x540 or used x720

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Please help me decide. I own a 6 acre lot. 1/3 of it is woods, 1/3 a prairie grass, 1/3 is lawn. I am in the market for a John deere garden tractor. I will be using it to mow lawn, blow snow, and cut paths in the prairie. I can not decide between a new x530 or the x540. The difference in...
  7. Model X540 wont start has no spark help please not a mechanic

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Dear forum discussion: Battery went dead, we charged it and put water in it which over flowed but could jumped it and when we started the mower deck it stalled and would not start again. Got a new battery, it will turn over but no spark. Now what can I do to get this working again? Could the...