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  1. x585 motor surging, help

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Hi guys I own a x585 tractor. I have owned it since 161 hours, it now has 630 hours. When I bought the tractor with 161 hours the problem it had was after you have been mowing for around 1/2 hour (when motor was fully hot) and then shut the motor off and it sat for 5-10 mins and then start it...
  2. New member from Maine

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, just joined the site. Here is my x585 john deere. My parents own a x595 john deere, and my brother owns a 1023e john deere. All 3 of our tractors have 47" quick hitch snowblowers, and 54" mowing decks for summer time use. Hopefully I can upgrade my x585 to a x595 or x748. I am really...
  3. John Deere x475, 54" deck, 54" 4-way-blade, 500 hrs, $4850 OBO (Central VA)

    For Sale
    I'm selling a John Deere X475 in really nice shape. Has 54" deck and 54" 4-way-hydraulic-blade. Differential lock for better traction. Runs and looks good (only cosmetic issues are a couple tears in seat and a crack in tail light lens on one side). Super quiet liquid cooled kawasaki engine...
  4. X-series 3-pt. hitch depth stop installation

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Have you personally installed a John Deere or Ruegg 3-pt. hitch on your X400/X500/X700 tractor and had difficulty attaching the depth stop rod mechanism? On the Ruegg hitch for my X585, the right side of the depth stop pivot at the top of the rod does not fit into the half-moon-shaped cutout in...
  5. x585 PTO solenoid problem

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Good morning, I am new to tractors and new to the forum and hope to get some advice on a problem with an x585 with about 500 hours on it that I got used last year. This winter the PTO engagement became erratic - the PTO engagement switch, RIO switch, and wiring seemed to check out OK. I...