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    X740 62C I'm having trouble getting a level cut even after I level the deck. I measure the blade tips left to right and front to back, leaving then 1/4" lower in the front. The problem is that if I'm on a hill, mowing left to right across the hill, one side of my deck cuts noticeably lower...
  2. Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Can anyone shed some light on which tillers are compatible with the x700 series? Personally, I have an x740 with rear pto and 3ph. I'm looking for JD attachments or any other brand. I'd like to compare and am having a hard time finding results I can be confident in. Thanks to all!
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    My X720 is making a strange metal-on-metal noise at the rear of the machine when running. Can anybody tell me where to begin troubleshooting. Hydraulic oil is not low. Thanks.
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    Please help me decide. I own a 6 acre lot. 1/3 of it is woods, 1/3 a prairie grass, 1/3 is lawn. I am in the market for a John deere garden tractor. I will be using it to mow lawn, blow snow, and cut paths in the prairie. I can not decide between a new x530 or the x540. The difference in...