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  1. ISO 45 loader

    Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a 45 loader to add to my X728, preferably northeast US.
  2. X-series 3-pt. hitch depth stop installation

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Have you personally installed a John Deere or Ruegg 3-pt. hitch on your X400/X500/X700 tractor and had difficulty attaching the depth stop rod mechanism? On the Ruegg hitch for my X585, the right side of the depth stop pivot at the top of the rod does not fit into the half-moon-shaped cutout in...
  3. BIG TOOL RACK vs X728

    Big Tool Rack
    I own a JD X728. I love this machine. From its all wheel drive to the 47" snowblower! I own 2 acres of property (mostly grass!) With a large garden, fruit trees & many old trees. Last year I purchased a loaded up BIG TOOL RACK in lieu of pulling around my snowmobile trailer to complete yard...
  4. cold air in x728 w/cab

    Lawn & Garden Tractors
    Just got a new x728 w/soft cab. does anyone have any info on stop the cold air flow (air being drawn into radiator thru cab). On my old 445 I had a reverse air flow fan blade that blew the warm air thru the radiator and into the cab. I am considering replacing the factory fan with an electric...