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Hello all,

I installed a standard 4 pin trailer plug onto my tractor by splicing into the wiring for the existing tail/signal lights, but I'm having a time getting everything to work for me. I'm often times driving along on public roads, and it was a novel idea having proper lighting on my trailer just to make sure that people could see me, as it would often times be getting dark before I would call it quits on my projects.

I can run the lighting on "headlight" mode, which sends power to the taillights, the low-power taillights seem to work just fine with my splice job. However, when I attempt to put on the signal or hazard lights I end up reading a code on the dash "bulb error", and everything shuts down. It's all well and good that I can run the taillights, but signals would be a nice addition to it.

My initial thoughts were that I had wired things incorrectly on my tractor, but that isn't the case. When tested with a test light, everything works as it should.
Next, I thought that perhaps I just fried the computer, but (luckily) this isn't the case. Without the trailer plugged into the tractor, everything works as it should.
Next, I thought I wired something wrong on my trailer, but this isn't the case. When tested on my Jeep, everything works as it should.

I'm not 100% sure about my diagnosis/solution, but here it is:

I believe that my problem is coming from the computer. Since it doesn't know that I've put an additional light into the harness, it's detecting that the bulbs are drawing too much power, resulting in an error code. If this is correct, swapping the OEM bulbs out with some LED upgrades should (theoretically) solve this problem.

Has anyone else even considered putting trailer lighting on their machine?

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This used to be a common problem with cars and still is on some but, you now have two bulbs flashing when you use your turn signals. In older cars you could just replace the flasher relay with a heavy duty unit and be done with it. But I believe the flasher control is built into the Control Module as a part of your instrument cluster so there is no way to do that in your case. I'd try the LED bulbs as a first step. It's a good idea and you have little to lose if it doesn't work.
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Well, If anyone has looked at this and is wondering about the results, I've finally got around to replacing the bulbs in the trailer with LED, (also the tractor) and this has solved my problem. All of the lights work as they should.
Thanks for coming back with the update and glad you got it sorted! We're a nosey bunch- got any pics of the tractor and trailer?
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