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Well.. A buddy of mine borrowed a set of race car scales from a friend of his to weigh his race car.
That friend dropped the control box as he was packing them up for my buddy.
Knowing I am a little bit of an electronics guy, my buddy asked me to fix em...

A broken display and one 8Mhz Crystal later... and I found myself looking at a working set of 4 very accurate scales, in the same room as my 1023e.

So... I got out all of my toys, and measured quite a few possible configurations of this tractor and implements.

It is my hope that this helps anyone reading this to understand the importance of proper ballasting, as well as to see the effects implements have on the balance of the tractor.

There might be imperfections in the numbers... I was going for "real world" figures, not mathematical perfection :) I was just shooting to provide some info.
Corrections ideas, and thoughts are welcome.

I haven't really analyzed things yet.. but I was surprised at how things hangin' off the front or back affect things in the middle.

Measured weight using 4 "Race Car" scales.. I left out the corner weights, just did front/rear
(Full tank of fuel... left side is 31lb heavier than right)
(May not be perfect... but I'd say +/- 2lb each corner)
The "Base tractor" includes with 20gal RimGaurd(220lb), Deck lift, Frt Brush Guard, Loader mounts(185lbs)..I wasnt removing that stuff :lol:

Front LbsRear LbsTotal WeightDeckLoaderBushHogRakeRR BladeWheel Wt Me SnowBlowerFrt BladeNoteAdded WeightFront %Rear %
70611591865---------rops down037.9%62.1%
69711681865---------rops back037.4%62.6%
71511501865---------rops normal038.3%61.7%
12369972233x1 sand bag 67lb36855.4%44.6%
13309602290x2 bags 67lb,57lb42558.1%41.9%
14249222346x3 bags 67lb,57lb,56lb48160.7%39.3%
18187622580xMe + 3 sandbags71570.5%29.5%
86517742639xx1 sand bag 67lb77432.8%67.2%
95917372696xx2 bags 67lb,57lb83135.6%64.4%
105117012752xx3 bags 67lb,57lb,56lb88738.2%61.8%

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Implement Weight Effect on Base tractor

Again... "Base tractor" includes with 20gal RimGuard(220lb), Deck lift, Frt Brush Guard, Loader mounts(185lbs)

Added/Removed @ FrontAdded/Removed @ RearTotal Addednote
09898wheel weights
28300328wheel weights+me
-108250142RR blade alone
-185378193rake alone
11186197deck alone
-7345338deck, RR blade
-82474392deck, rake
555-54501deck, loader
160747907deck, loader,
436205641deck, loader, RR
358333691deck, loader, rake
629-265364blower (and Quick Attach)
513-7506blower, RR blade
301-121180FR blade(and Quick Attach)
183139322FR blade, RR blade
-388791403Rotary Cutter Alone
411-110301Loader Alone
521-153368with 1 67lb sandbag
615-190425with 2 (67,57) sandbags
709-228481with 3 (67,57,56) sandbags
1103-388715with Me + 3 (235,67,57,56) sandbags
40667707Loader and Rotary Cutter
150624774with 1 67lb sandbag
244587831with 2 (67,57) sandbags
336551887with 3 (67,57,56) sandbags

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While we are talking weight... some other specs that might help those researching...

Approximate shipping weight of a 1023e is 1345 lb (Deere Spec)

Fuel tank capacity 5.6 U.S. gal x 7.1lb/gal = 39.86 lbs full tank

Rear Tires... 10 Gallons of liquid leaves it so you can still check tire pressure with stem on top... Rim guard is 11lb/gal .. 220lb for both rears

Axle Capacities
Front 1349 lb
Rear 1576 lb

3-point hitch Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 681 lb

D120 Loader lift capacity
Measured at full height: at pivot = 825 lb, at 19.7" ahead of pivot = 570 lb
Boom breakout force: at pivot =1808 lb, at 19.7 ahead of pivot =1238 lb
Bucket rollback force: at full height = 1330lb, at ground-level line = 1559 lb

The weights in the above tables are for the below equipment
1865lbs (weighed) 2019 1023e with loaded rear tires, full tank of fuel, loader masts and brush guard installed.
197lbs (weighed) 54" AutoConnect Deck
364lbs (weighed) 54" Deere SnowBlower w/ Electric chute (Includes weight of Quick hitch with angle cylinder)
180lbs (weighed) 60" DIY Push Blade (Modified Warn ATV blade includes QH with angle cylinder as above)
220lbs (weighed) RimGuard loaded rears
98lb (weighed) 2X Deere "50lb" plastic wheel weights
142lbs (weighed) LandPride RB0560 60" Back Blade
193lbs (weighed) 72" DIY rake w/guide wheels (uses RB0560 frame, included in weight)
403lbs (weighed) 48" Taylor Pittsburgh 233 series Sub Compact version Rotary Cutter
301lbs (weighed) D120 Loader with Pin on Bucket (for Bucket, Boom, hydraulics, and hoses.. no mount)
120lbs (advertised shipping weight) Loader Mounts and Masts
16lbs (advertised shipping weight) Economy Grill Guard (Comes with D120 Loader)

(Deere spec says "base weight" is 486lb for D120 Loader...and maybe the pallet it ships on?)
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