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1023E Oil Pressure On Start Up

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After my 1023e has not been operated for a extended period of time it takes about 3-4 seconds for the oil pressure warning light to go out on start up, and the engine does 'rattle' letting me know that it is thirsty for oil. That being said if the machine is used daily or every other day it seems to be fine, is this considered normal? Does the engine oil filter have anti drain back? I'm using 5w40 Rotella. .
Thanks, Ron
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I'd go to 0w40 or 0w30. For sure, these will allow your oil pump to "grab" the oil immediately and get it pressurized. I once had a VW Cabrio with hydraulic valve lifters. Apparently one or more of them would drain down. The ONLY oil that would prevent the hydraulic tappets from hammering was 0w30. Even a 5w30 would not stop it. Wish I'd discovered 0w20 back then. Would have been even better.

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