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1025 started running rough then died right after refueling.

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I have been tillering a large garden plot today. I was running low on fuel and I went and refueled. I drove back into the plot and the 1025 started running rough for about 2 minutes then it died and I could not get it started. It almost sounds like bad fuel, any suggestions would be appreciated. I bought this fuel at a BP truck Stop last week in a clean container.
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Could be one of three easy things:

1.) The refill on fuel disturbed crap in the tank and it plugged the pickup.
2.) You were so low already that the pickup allowed air and or bubbles into the line, so you may have to bleed the system of air/bubbles. (look in your owners manual, or google/duckduckgo it).
3.) Visually check your filters also for crap/air
Not likely but make sure it’s diesel. Might need to change fuel filters. Start with the little one under the floor board first.
I had bad fuel plug up my filter this winter, it didn't stop running but it was losing power bad. Check your little fuel filter under the left running board, here is what mine looked like:

It's just a little 1/4" line fuel filter, doesn't take much to plug it up.

Can you hear the fuel pump run when you turn key on?
Hehe. I did that the other day. Gauge was above 1/8th but I was on a hill. I ended up have to crack the injector fuel lines to get the air out for it to start. They really could have put a small hand primer in there somewhere. Just loosen the nuts on the injectors and crank it for a few seconds at a time until it starts or the fuel stops foaming and retighten. Will sound like crap when it does fire off.
I have a 2020 2025R and I ran completely out of fuel once and just added fuel and restarted it
These are supposed to be self-priming systems.
The trick is to shut it off as soon as it starts to sputter. Then when you fuel it up and go to start it, turn the key on for 30 seconds before cranking it, push the throttle lever up a little and then start cranking
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