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1025 started running rough then died right after refueling.

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I have been tillering a large garden plot today. I was running low on fuel and I went and refueled. I drove back into the plot and the 1025 started running rough for about 2 minutes then it died and I could not get it started. It almost sounds like bad fuel, any suggestions would be appreciated. I bought this fuel at a BP truck Stop last week in a clean container.
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Hehe. I did that the other day. Gauge was above 1/8th but I was on a hill. I ended up have to crack the injector fuel lines to get the air out for it to start. They really could have put a small hand primer in there somewhere. Just loosen the nuts on the injectors and crank it for a few seconds at a time until it starts or the fuel stops foaming and retighten. Will sound like crap when it does fire off.
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