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1025 to 2025

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I’m about a year into a 1025.

it definitely does my main jobs, which include mowing and snow removal.

While more horsepower is always something most of us want, I generally don’t need that for my tractor chores.

What I DO find myself wanting is more clearance for implements on the 3pt hitch (ballast, rear blade...)

In my head, I have started wondering if I should start looking at a trade to a 2025.

I could keep my loader, but I’d have to trade back the tractor and mower deck.

My suspicion is I’d take a bath financially on this. I took 60mo no interest on the 1025 at purchase and put down about 20-25% at purchase.

Talk me off the ledge...?
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It is a good thing to do. I did it to my 2025r and added a shorter top link from TSC and it works great for when I need extra lift height like when loading it on a trailer or backing it back off. I can shorten the top link pretty quickly and easily before loading it on the trailer and then lengthen it after it's unloaded.
I never thought of adding an adjustable link to the left side. That’s a great idea!
I'm finding the same thing, I'm wondering if a 3025e wouldn't be the fix for me now that I have a dedicated mower. The 2025r is a great little tractor though, just wish it was a full cat 1.
I too did the adjustable links on both sides.
Which I do have more height now, but now I am finding that I can't lower the 3pt enough to get under a lot of attachments setting on the ground, so I am now setting as many attachments down on skids to help resolve that issue.
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